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jeudi, juin 19, 2008

Here comes the sun...

Hallelujah! Can I hear that one more time? Hallelujah!! A miracle has happened today... the sun has come out in dreary, rainy, overcast Geneva. After three months of bed rest and almost a week of hospitalization after Maddie was born I was ready to get out and enjoy a warm, sunny spring. But the weather had different plans.

Almost all of May and June have been downright bleak from a weather perspective, although it hasn't stopped Madeleine and I from getting out every day to enjoy the city for the last two months we are living here. We have been quite busy in fact. After all the grandmas had left we have been to numerous lunches and coffees with friends, lots of lakeside walks, a few doctor’s visits (three for me including the dentist and one for Maddie), and busy running lots of errands. We also went by my Toastmasters club to say goodbye, attended Mr. and Mrs. Kofi’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party, and attended a picnic/party that ended up in my friend Tigger’s living room thanks to the weather. We even went out to watch the start of the big sailboat race held each year on Lake Geneva, although that morning there wasn't even a hint of wind. But we had a nice time eating breakfast right on the water and watching the baby swans and ducks paddle by.

I’ve also gone out on my own for the first time since Madeleine was born. I went with Mrs. Kofi and Company to see the Sex and the City movie last week. It was great; not because it was an award winning film, but because it was like visiting old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Then a few days later I went out for an hour to help celebrate my friend’s birthday at the Kapinski Bar that overlooks the lake. It was a gorgeous night and the view was incredible. But although it was great to get out by myself for a little while I was so happy to see my little girl again when I returned. I really missed her!

Now that the beautiful weather is here (and the forecast is for more of the same) I hope to be out more than usual, especially since we are moving back to California in less than two weeks! I still can't believe we are going. But having gorgeous weather for the last two weeks we're here is one of the best going away gifts we could get! :)


Blogger Athina Andretti said...

I stumbled upon your blog recently. I'm also a California native (but lived in Florida for eight years)living in Geneva. I moved here a year ago and was pretty homesick.
Just wanted to say that your blog made me rethink my attitude and so I'm actually going to concentrate on liking Geneva now :)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Swiss Miss said...

I was pretty homesick at first too... but now that we are moving back, 2 1/2 years later, I'm really bummed to be leaving Geneva (aside from being close to friends and family again of course).

We are already planning on visiting next summer (so I can catch another Fete de Geneva). :)

11:04 AM  

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