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samedi, juin 21, 2008

A Perfect Evening

One of my favorite annual events in Geneva is the Fête de la Musique, which takes over the streets and squares of the city for three days every summer. Music is everywhere, with more than 50 stages in the park, in intimate squares, in the Old Town, and everywhere.

We headed out to Parc Bastion on Friday evening to meet our friend Mrs. Stophe (who is also moving back to the states about the same time we are) for dinner and some music. The weather was perfect; I just love warm evenings in the summer. We were having such a good time that we didn't even realize that it was after ten! Set up along the entire length of the park were big drums that were lit on fire when it got dark, it was so cool. There was also a huge torch burning at the entrance of the park. They would never allow all this open flame in a public place in the US, which made it even cooler.

We returned the next day and it was even more packed! We wandered through the Old Town to check out the music up there and then ended up back at the park. We met up with a big group of G's co-workers and I snuck off to hang out with some of my other friends, including Mrs. Stophe. We also ran into people we knew from around town. It seemed like everyone was there - but that is Geneva for you.

All in all it was a great weekend, as usual. I'm thrilled we were here to enjoy the festivities, and with good friends and the beautiful weather who could ask for anything better? :)


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