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dimanche, mars 16, 2008

Settling into bed rest at home - Weeks 29 to 31

Home sweet home! After three weeks in the hospital it was great to be back home. At first it was a little scary, but now I’ve settled in and am more confident as the weeks slowly pass by. There was a bit of an adjustment phase though, for both G and I.

Our first challenge was to try to find pads for the bed to make it more comfortable for me. After two weekends of searching, the only ones G could find were almost 1,000 CHF! Thankfully a guy from his work had a couple pads that worked great and let us borrow them. It really made all the difference.

G has been wonderful. He does all the shopping, cooks all the meals, and cleans the house. For the first week he was even coming home from work to help fix lunch for me, but I told him if it is prepared ahead of time I can just get it out of the fridge. We have decided to get a cleaning lady because it is just too much for him working full time. She is fantastic! And now I’m not tempted to do anything I’m not supposed to be doing and just focus on staying “quiet”.

These last three weeks have gone by fast, mostly because of all the visitors I’ve had since coming home. 26 people have stopped by (some more than once) and have brought lunch, pastries, coffee, and great conversation! The highlight of the three weeks was meeting my friend’s new baby, Donovan. He is so cute! It is still hard to believe sometimes that we are going to have a new little person here soon too.

We have also continued our Sunday ritual from the hospital of taking a pregnancy picture every week. Since Sunday is the day our week “changes” we celebrate by taking a few pictures. The reality is we don’t know when the little one is going to arrive, so we want to have a record of our progress (and I’m only standing up for about 5 minutes, so I’m not breaking the rules of my bed rest too much).

I’ve been on restricted bed rest for 6 weeks and so far so good! We are making remarkable progress and even though it has been long, every day the little one can stay inside is worth it. We are staying positive and keeping our fingers crossed for at least 6 more weeks to get us to full term! :)

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