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lundi, juin 23, 2008

Honking for joy!

Okay, its 12:30 at night and the city is bursting with excitement and NOISE. In tonight's EuroCup match, Spain just beat the World Cup champions, Italy for the first time since 1920. It is a custom in Europe to drive around and honk you horn and wave your flag when your country wins a football match.

Geneva is very international and there has been lots of horn honking over the past couple of weeks. You always know when a match is over by all the racket. But tonight is a bit more than usual. Who knows how long it will last, there is a law that you can only honk for one hour after the game is over, but we have heard it all through the night before. We also live on one of the busiest streets in town, so we hear it more than most folks. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all… I actually like the honking, it’s so festive and really makes the city come alive!

The Spain/Italy match was the last of the four quarterfinal matches and they all have been exciting games and most have been upsets:

Germany (3) - Portugal (2)
Turkey (3) - Croatia (1)
Russia (3) - Netherlands (1)
Spain (4) - Italy (2)

On Wednesday the semifinals begin:
June 25th, Germany - Turkey
June 26th, Russia - Spain
June 29th, The FINAL

As you may have expected, my allegiance had changed once again. With Switzerland out and my pool basically shot now that the Netherlands are out too, I am now supporting Germany! So on Wednesday I hope to see lots of German flag waving and lots of horns honking for Deutschland!


Blogger sactownkid said...

So jealous that you are in the center of all things Euro Cup!! I was torn over Germany vs. Turkey and now don't really care as long as it's a good game (Germany vs. Portugal and Germany vs. Turkey were awesome!!!).
I also like saying all of the German names with an accent: Bahhhllllacckkk! And Schweinsteiger!!! Good times. :)

9:17 PM  

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